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At Midwest Orthodontic Associates, our goal is to see you smile. Our team of orthodontic professionals is committed to equipping you with beautiful, healthy teeth so you can smile with confidence.  Dr. Roehm and Dr. Stigall not only provide clinical excellence, but they also strive to create lasting personal relationships with their patients and families. Over the years Drs. Roehm and Stigall have treated many children of past adolescent patients.


Why is treatment so important?

Your smile is your greeting to the world and while a striking smile is one reward for seeking orthodontic treatment, the process has intrinsic value as well. Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain. A bad occlusion (bite) can also cause abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, difficulty in chewing and speaking, and excess stress on supporting bone and gum tissue. Without treatment, many problems become worse and can require additional dental care later in life.

Spending wisely on your mouth

Seeking orthodontic treatment—especially early on—is a smart investment at Midwest Orthodontic Associates. Whether your braces are made of metal, ceramic or clear aligners, orthodontic treatment can be less costly than the care required to fix the dental problems later resulting from poor tooth alignment and occlusion.

Affordable treatment

Patients are finding that braces are more affordable today than ever. Most orthodontists have a variety of convenient payment plans. Often there are combined plans available for parents and children, or multiple siblings who have treatment at the same time. Additionally, many dental insurance plans now include orthodontic benefits. Dollar for dollar, when you consider the lifetime benefit of braces, they are truly a great value.

While the cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on many factors—including the severity of the problem, its complexity and the length of treatment—Dr. Roehm and Dr. Stigall will discuss the diagnosis, treatment plan, and fees for service with you before treatment begins.

See what services we offer for our clients at Midwest Orthodontic Associates:

When it comes to your teeth, we’ll set you straight.

Do you have missing teeth, extra teeth or impacted teeth? Allow Dr. Roehm and Dr. Stigall at Midwest Orthodontic Associates to start you on a path to a beautiful smile today. Whether you’re in Peoria, Dunlap, East Peoria, Metamora or Washington, contact us online today about your orthodontic treatment or call us at 309-691-9665.