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Improving your health

 Orthodontic treatment is about changing for the better, regardless of age. A great smile can give you a boost in confidence. At Midwest Orthodontic Associates, we want to give you something more–a newfound pride in your dental health. Experience has shown that untreated orthodontic problems can become worse. We don’t want to see you encounter the tooth decay, gum disease, pain, and even tooth loss that can result from a bad bite.

Orthodontic treatment is normal.

When most people think orthodontics, they think of the braces kids wore in elementary and middle school. Some adults worry that it’s “too late” in life to get treatment for the misalignment of their teeth; this is not true. But one of every five patients seeking orthodontic treatment is over the age of 21.

So don’t feel like going to the orthodontist is only for kids. It’s not. Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Dr. Roehm and Dr. Stigall want you to be able to experience the benefits of a beautiful smile and a functional occlusion, and they offer different types of esthetic braces and Invisalign to achieve excellent results discreetly.


A team approach

Many adult patients have missing teeth, broken down teeth, and skeletal (bony) differences between the maxilla (top jaw) and the mandible (bottom jaw).  Dr. Roehm and Dr. Stigall will work as a team with your dentist and, other specialists if needed, to develop a customized treatment plan with the ultimate goal of achieving ideal comprehensive care and restoring optimum dental health.

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