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Stephen C. Roehm, DDS, MS
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Before / After Images

Actual Patients of Midwest Orthodontic Associates

  • Patient 1

    Before: Patient exhibits crowding (crooked teeth) and constricted (narrow arches)
    After: patient has beautiful straight teeth and a broad, wide smile!
  • Patient 2

    Before: patient exhibits a large diastema (space between the two front teeth) and an anterior crossbite (underbite).
    After: Patient has a beautiful, broad smile with the spaces and crossbite corrected!
  • Patient 3

    Before: Patient exhibits a diastema (space between the front teeth) and crowded (crooked teeth).
    After: Patent has a beautiful smile with an excellent occlusion (bite)!
  • Patient 4

    Before: patient exhibits excess overjet (bucked teeth) and a Class II malocclusion (upper teeth too far forward).
    After: patient has a beautiful, broad smile and the occlusion (bite) is corrected!
  • Patient 5

    Before: Patient exhibits a crossbite and underbite and crowding (crooked teeth).
    After: Patient has a beautiful smile and excellent occlusion (bite)!